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ID Number37
Trophy NameOwen Churchill AngelitaTrophy
Description of Award

Etchells 22 Class Midwinters

History of the Trophy Name

Mrs. Owen Churchill presented the trophy to SCYA on January 4, 1986 in memory of her husband.

Owen Churchill:
Churchill became the primary patron and team captain of the United States Olympic Yachting team at both the 1932 (Los Angeles) and 1936 (Berlin) Olympic Games. Churchill was also a lifetime member of the Los Angeles Yacht Club, where memorabilia of his exploits is on display to this day. (Webmaster note: there are also items at California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey). During the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, special recognition was given to Churchill by Peter Ueberroth for his lifelong efforts to promote sailing. Churchill's Star Fleet yacht, the Angelita, was fully restored for the occasion and re-christened at the time in Los Angeles harbor.

Info on Owen Churchill taken from: on December 8, 2017

List of Winners ?None
Deed of Gift Available?YES
Has this been Re-Deeded?No
Location Known ?Maybe
Entry DateDecember 9, 2017
More Information on the trophy

Deed is not original.
negatives of the trophy image are in the packet
Newspaper articles of Churchill's death on November 12, 1985 are in the packet

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