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ID Number38
Trophy NameHarry Wills Perpetual Trophy
Description of Award

Awarded to the yacht having the best score for the entire series of the races comprising SCYA Summer Regatta in the PHRF Class (known at the time as the Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet)
The class was to have the second largest number of participants.

Always located in a Santa Monica Bay Yacht Club.

This was deeded to SCYA on July 10,1964 by R. A. Basham, President of PHRF

History of the Trophy Name

PHRF deeded the trophy honoring Harry Wills, a long time member of South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, Marina del Rey. Harry was a mentor to many. He took his Herreshoff 28 to Isthmus and moored it every summer for many of his retirement years. (notes by Webmaster Kathy St. Amant who was lucky enough to call Harry a mentor and sail to the Island aboard his beloved H28.)

The trophy was established in recognition of Harry Wills' interest and participation in organizing the Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet, which we all now know as the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet which is recognized all over the USA.

List of Winners ?YES
Deed of Gift Available?YES
Has this been Re-Deeded?No
Location Known ?Maybe
Entry DateDecember 9, 2017
More Information on the trophy

The photo negative is in the SCYA trophy book

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