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ID Number41
Trophy NameSCYA Commodore's Trophy for Junior Sailors
Description of Award

This is a perpetual challenge trophy for Junior Challenge racing between member clubs. The race for this trophy will be sailed only once a year in the waters of the club defending the trophy. The details of the challenge, etc. is available in the deed. ABYC is mentioned.

The deed was completed in 1967

List of Winners ?None
Deed of Gift Available?YES
Deed of GiftCommodores-Trophy-Juniors-Deed.pdf
Has the Deed been Amended?No
Has this been Re-Deeded?No
Location Known ?Maybe
Entry DateDecember 11, 2017
More Information on the trophy

photo negative in trophy book sleeve

LOCATION ABYC is noted on the back of the photo.

Deed of gift is a copy and is not signed

Trophy Photo