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ID Number53
Trophy NameKenneth E. Street Memorial Midwinter Perpetual Trophy
Description of Award


As in interesting note, the origianl deed stated: This trophy is to be presented to the winner with the lowest corrected time in the Pacific Handicap division in SCYA Midwinter Regatta. If there is more than one division for PHRF fleet boats, the lowest time in any division will determine the winner.

History of the Trophy Name

Established by PHRF in February 1961 to recognize Ken Street's interest in organizing the Pacific Handicap Racing Fleet and his service as Treasurer until his untimely passing.

List of Winners ?YES
Deed of Gift Available?YES
Has the Deed been Amended?Yes
The Year it Was Amended1973
Has this been Re-Deeded?No
Location Known ?Maybe
Entry DateDecember 12, 2017
Trophy Photo