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ID Number57
Trophy NameE. E. Manning Memorial Trophy
SCYA Perpetual AwardYES
Description of Award

This award was always for dinghy racing. The regattas and classes have changed through amendments to the Deed of Gift.

The last amendment was in 1986 (although this copy of the Deed is not signed or dated).

The E. E. manning Series is to be raced annually at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club to be awarded to the winner of the class with the most competitors.

History of the Trophy Name

Original Deed is missing.
E. E. Manning was an active sponsor and supporter of dinghy racing.

List of Winners ?YES
Deed of Gift Available?YES
Deed of GiftEE-Manning.pdf
Has the Deed been Amended?Yes
The Year it Was Amended1958
Has this been Re-Deeded?No
Location Known ?Maybe
Entry DateDecember 12, 2017
More Information on the trophy

Last awarded 2015

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