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Trophy NameDon Lee Trophy
History of the Trophy Name

Don M. Lee, 8/12/1880 - 8/30/1934

Trophy donor, Don Lee was the exclusive distributor of Cadillacs in the early 20th century.

When he retired from the auto business, he bought KFRC in San Francisco and relocated the station to Hollywood. This was known as the Don Lee-Columbia Network. KNX was sold to CBS in 1936. The Don Lee Network was sold to ABC Radio in 1959. His fist TV station is now KCBS. The ridge above the Hollywood Sign is still known as Mount Lee where his transmitter used to exist.

Info on Don Lee is from accessed on December 11, 2017

Even though the Deed of Gift is not available, there are letters in the packet, one on original Don Lee Broadcasting System letterhead. It is dated June 2, 1950. This letter provides SCYA the full discretion to which class the trophy may be awarded to. This was in response to a letter written by SCYA Trophy Chair, Charles Kober, reto Mr. Willet Brown of the Lee Broadcasting System about

Description of Award

This was originally awarded to California 32s in the Midwinter Regatta.

A letter on SCYA letterhead dated September 20th, 1950 is a request for which class to award this trophy to as the Cal 32s were not racing as a fleet but in the ocean racing class. The classes considered were the award it to the Mercury Class or the 110 Fleet during the Midwinter Regatta.

The list of winners from 1928 to 1971 shshows the class as Ocean Racing Class C.
1972 - 1997 shows IOR Class C